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Author:  benign
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Date:  5/25/2005 8:44:00 PM
Subject:  sephardic mikvah lady
Message:  As much as I think that it is a travesty that Rabbis won't let women use the Mikvah because of their own chumros, to blame a poor ignorant woman who believes that she is doing what G-d wants, isn't fair.

You have to realize that to her, you are just another Rabbi claiming that her Rabbi is wrong. In her mind, her Rabbi thinks you are wrong. You cannot expect her to trust you over her own Rabbi.

I think you should apologize to this woman and forgive her husband. He is only standing up for his wife. It is the Rabbi who is to blame, if anyone.
Reply:  I made a bold comparison to Nazi soldiers. Let's not get bent out of shape. But let's analyze that point.

Are you prepared to say that the soldiers just followed orders? They thought that they were doing the right thing?

Why not? "...to blame a poor ignorant 18-yr old child who believes that he is doing what G-d wants, isn't fair."


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