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Author:  Renee
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Date:  5/25/2005 4:24:00 PM
Subject:  Brooklyn Sephardic Mikveh
Message:  I was told something very distressing from a dear friend and (community member) who told me that the Brooklyn mikvoth were not opening "on time" Saturday night in order to prevent women from "going out" in the City after using the mikveh.

My friend was extremely disturbed because she knew more than a few women who were choosing not to use the mikveh when their time came out to Saturday night because of this. We both feel that once a woman chooses not to use the mikveh just one time that she would be very likely not to go back.

I hope this is not intentional. Maybe it is not true?

Reply:  I would have to assume it is true, based on the info we have been getting lately. In the Chafetz Chaim's book on Lashon Hara he states that we should assume the worst once we know a person is continuously acting inappropriately. No "Dan Lekaf Zechut."

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