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Author:  david
E-mail:  daw0416412@cs.com
Date:  5/25/2005 11:17:00 AM
Subject:  Sephardic mikvah
Message:  Reply: We received the following email, so rather than have a war, we removed her home number. It is interesting that there was no remorse.



My wife is in charge of the Sephardic Mikveh. You
listed our private home number in your screed on your website. This is identity theft. Remove immediately.

Confirm by email to me that you have done so, if not then I will have to resort to legal means to remove our private home phone number.

Michael Antebi

While I am staying clear of any comment on the halachah, I will state that this man is completely ignorant of American Law. Posting someones home number on a web site has Absolutely NOTHING to do with identity theft. There is NO law, criminal or civil, against posting someones phone number on a website. I hope that his knowledge of halachah is better than his knowlwdge of American law.
Reply:  I knew that too. I got the number when I called the Mikveh. There is no law against posting it.


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