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Author:  Aaron Abadi
E-mail:  aabadi@kashrut.org
Date:  5/25/2005 9:58:00 AM
Subject:  Here we go again
Message:  Now it's the Sephardic mikveh in Brooklyn at 810 Avenue S. 718-339-4600

A man calls me and says that his wife went to that mikveh wearing "tips," (artificial extensions to her nails). They didn't let her go into the water.

A Chatzitza is only a problem if it is unwanted. If she pays $40+ to get her tips, we can't really say that they're unwanted. Do they know anything about the Halachah! What a bunch of Resha'aim!   They are possibly causing a person to transgress on a "Karet" of the Laws of Nidda, rather than allow her to be more lenient than them a bit. All this is done "Le'Shem Shamaim!"

I tried calling Rabbi Harary (718-375-0422), but he was sleeping. I spoke to Rutie Antebbe who gave me the, "I'm just following orders" routine. That's the same excuse that the Nazis were using.

I know that when they realize what it looks like, they'll deny it, but I personally spoke to them and it's real as all hell. They will not allow a woman to go in with tips. They said it to my face.

Who are these people to stop women from going to the mikveh? They want to make sure everyone follows the laws? Are they going home with them and watching what they do there? Adults have the choice to do what they want. If they come to your mikveh and you turn them away, you are causing very serious sins. Additionally, you are turning people away from our God and religion. Go into another business. Become a teacher if you need that power, but for Heaven's sake, let the women go into the mikveh.

I encourage everyone to call them and give them a piece of your mind. We allow so much abuse to our people, because we all sit quietly as these type people take control and do whatever they want to our friends and neighbors. Get up. Speak out!

How can they risk turning a person away from the mikveh. How do these people live with themselves, go to Shul and pray, act with all their religious holiness, but then chase people away from the mikveh, from God, and from the religion. I can only imagine how many they have already turned off.

I am demanding a formal apology on behalf of this woman and on behalf of all the women that they hurt. Then I want to see a huge sign that says welcome to our mikveh, we respect your Rav, do as you please, and thank you for coming. And an attitude to match that.   mikveh Ladies are there only to assist you. There is no law requiring "police ladies" to watch over our women. It's this kind of power hungry authority figures all over our society that have been chasing everyone away.   

May God have mercy on these people.
Reply:  We received the following email, so rather than have a war, we removed her home number. It is interesting that there was no remorse.



My wife is in charge of the Sephardic Mikveh. You
listed our private home number in your screed on your website. This is identity theft. Remove immediately.

Confirm by email to me that you have done so, if not then I will have to resort to legal means to remove our private home phone number.

Michael Antebi

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