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Author:  Mark
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Date:  5/20/2005 10:15:00 AM
Subject:  Wedding rings
Message:  Is it permissable for a man to wear a wedding ring to work?
Reply:  Absolutely!
As a matter of fact, I feel very strongly that Jewish observant men should all wear wedding rings. Imagine taking this 22 year old married boy from Yeshiva and dropping him into a world that he was not prepared for.....
Without a wedding ring his job will be much tougher. We are so busy holding up our "traditions," that we don't allow our brains to function.

On another note:
I told a young man who wears an earring in a community that shuns this, that if anyone gives him a hard time and asks him to get rid of his earring, he should remind him that the last time Jewish men removed their earrings, they created an "Egel," the golden calf....

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