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Author:  caleb
E-mail:  afendopoulo@yahoo.com
Date:  5/17/2005 3:49:00 PM
Subject:  loan
Message:  greetings
my son who lives in brooklyn and has been working as a masgiach came to visit us in isreal on mar 1 for 10 days.
unfortunetly the israeli army has caused him innummerable problems and as of today{may 17} he is still here.
with the help of God, we expect that tommorow he will be exempted from army service and will be able to return to the US , where his job is being held for him.
but "da aqa"he credit   hiscollapsed and he leases a car for his work etc and the unexpected stay here has basically broken him financially.
he is having trouble finding a gemach to bail him out of his situtuation, however he can get a $6000 loan at %10 interest. understandbly this is a serious halachic problem. it has been suggested that he gives to the loaner $600 ahead of time as a present, therefore exempting him from 'ribit.
i do no know if this is permissable, however i believe there is a way of making the loan a sort of "heter eska".
can you direct us with this predicament.
Reply:  The Torah says very severe consequences to one who loans money to his fellow Jew with interest. So everyone just doesn't loan. They missed the point. The point is that you are supposed to help your fellow Jew and just like it would be absurd to charge a sick person for visiting him, it is not allowed to charge someone for loaning money. The worse scenario is if you do not loan him the money when you can.

There are several ways to handle this, but you need to ive more details. If you want to, email the exact entity name or person loaning the money and the terms.

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