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Author:  Sally
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Date:  5/16/2005 10:42:00 PM
Subject:  Mikveh revisited
Message:  Dear Rabbi Abadi,

With all due respect, although I agree with your opinion on the issue of the mikveh, I find it offensive and insensitive of you to have included phone numbers in your post of people who were not even involved in this issue. Is it not a breach of confidentiality on your part to give out phone numbers of uninvolved parties to your entire populations of subscribers? Not to mention, clearly if you gave out their phone numbers, you are sending the message that these people are to be strongly associated with this issue. Is that so? Isnt that lashon hara? Isn't that stooping to the level of the people that you call "Reshaim"?

Secondly, I found it highly offensive that you likened the mikveh ladies to Nazis. Even the slightest association is inappropriate and I am sure I need not explain that. Perhaps the mikveh ladies are being ignorant or acting inappropriately, but to compare them in any way to the tyrants who slaughtered millions of innocent people is absurd and offensive. I do not know how close your connection to the Holocaust is, but take it from someone who had an entire section of her family wiped off this earth, what you said in your post was extremely offensive. I ask you to please be more considerate and sensitive in the future.

I am a strong supporter of your opinions and your hashkafa and I cannot tell you how discouraging it is when I discover that the people, rabbis included, whom I look up to for advice and chizuk are acting in the same manner as those people whom I feel are bringing about the downfall of our community.

Please reconsider not what you said, but rather, how you said it and how you presented this issue to your thousands of followers.
Reply:  The last resort is always shock treatment. The Nazi concept is similar, and the shock treatment sends the message home. We all lost half our people in the Holocaust. Believe me, we all feel very strongly about it. I visited Auschwitz on a snowy rainy freezing day and couldn't believe what we went through there.

Holocausts have happened so many times over the generations. Why do they happen? How can we stop them?

The Zohar says that these mass deaths, murders, plagues and the like throughout history are caused by Talmid She'eino Rauy Le'Horahah Umoreh. By Rabbis that are not qualified , yet determine Jewish Law.

How? What? This sounds nuts!

The simple basic concept is that the world and everything in it runs on our Mitzvot, Torah study, prayers, etc... That is the spiritual mechanism behind the running of the world. If someone who is not a properly qualified engineer begins playing with the computer chips and circuits, and starts moving things around, the whole world can go haywire. Our success, survival, and daily routine relies heavily on the Mitzvot & stuff we do. If we are caused to do them incorrectly in a mass volume of people, by having false Rabbinical decisions, then our survival tools are not there....

This is the Zohar, written by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. He knew what he was talking about.

You want to save the world? Never again??? Get rid of these phonies!

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