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Author:  Just Wondering
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Date:  5/15/2005 10:32:00 AM
Subject:  Another Mikvah Question

Dear Rabbi Abadi,

Today I called the Mikvah for an appointment and asked if I could bring my six month baby with me because my husband will be out of town the night of the Mikvah.

The Mikvah lady told me I couldn't do Mikvah because he wouldn't be home that night. He is returning the next morning. Am I supposed to tell my husband to wait until the next night or should I find another Mikvah?

Reply:  You can go tonight and don't tell the Mikva lady that he is not home the whole night. Just tell the Mikva lady that he is not home at the time when you need to go to the Mikva.
There they go again, playing Rabbi.

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