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Author:  Renee
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Date:  5/12/2005 9:34:00 PM
Subject:  Brasilia summit
Message:  This past week in Brazil a summit was held in which leaders from 34 Latin American and Arab nations united in their anti Semitic, anti Israel, and anti American hate rhetoric.

This is not a surprise considering that Brazil alone has an estimated population of 10 million Muslim "reverts" (those who have discovered their Moorish roots and have returned to Islam as fervent practitioners) and that Islam is a movement that has been taking a stronghold in Latin America for decades now with hundreds of thousands of adherents.

Perhaps, like me, some others have noticed that a large number of non Jewish workers in our homes, restaurants, schools, hotels and synagogues are from Latin America, namely the countries with the largest concentrations of the hundreds of thousands of Muslim reverts who are becoming more and more of a powerbase in Latin American government and politics.

It is always important to be careful of the halachot concerning the Food of a Gentile and of course the employment of Gentiles in general in our homes and synagogues.

Hopefully the recent realization that PLO sympathizers are working in the kitchen of the restaurant, synagogue or caterer they are eating from will inspire kosher consumers to insist that their supervising Rabbis will be careful to enforce the Halachot regarding the supervision of the Gentiles who are cooking our food, working in our synagogues and caring for Jewish children.

It might prevent unneccessary tragedies from happening in our communities.

Thank you again for everything.
Reply:  very interesting.

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