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Author:  anonymous
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Date:  5/2/2005 11:45:00 PM
Subject:  To Shocked and DismayedGiy
Message:  I think there are some things you should consider before placing your comments:

Gelatin: Hakham Ovadia Yosef wrote a Teshuva on the consumption of Gelatin. For you to come out and say its not kosher without reason, is undermining the intelligence of the Reshon Lesion of the state of Israel.   Do you not think it would be advisable to not jump the gun and say that Gelatin is not Kosher, when great scholars went to tremendous lengths inquiring about this?

Windex ingredients can never be “treif.” “Tareph” (yes you are skipping a syllable) only applies to Kosher animals which are not fit for Shehita due to a hole or deformity in its lung. A cow, deer, ram etc. can be rendered "Tareph."    A pig is not a "tareph" but rather a “tameh” animal. So fries at Mcdonalds can never be treif. So to say that windex may have treif ingredients, is an utter misappropriation of Halakhic terminology, and painful to read on a website which people are looking for clarity. Using the word Treif to describe windex shows not only ignorance, but more importantly, is misleading to the public and unprofessional.   And the term we know as Batel Beshishim (1/60) for a window cleaner? This is what the Hakhamim had in mind? This one is new to me.

The Rabbis who conduct this website are trying their best to lead the public. Please respect that right. If possible, would you please respond with a little more halakhic accuracy. To make a pesak Halakha takes a little more grunt work than to just say “Assur” and throwing around terms that have no relation to one another.


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