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Author:  j
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Date:  4/28/2005 3:28:00 AM
Subject:  laundry
Message:  Can you wash tablecloths during chol hamoed for shabbat/yomtov if all your tableclothes have got used this week, similarly can you wash shabbat clothes if you have run out?
Reply:  If you run out, for real, yes.
This does not mean you have others, but they are dirty from before Yom Tov and that's why you ran out. It means you only own the ones you already used for Yom Tov and now your stuck with only dirty ones from the Yom Tov. Otherwise, in that case you cannot, because you pushed off washing them to Chol Hamoed. This is the reason laundry is assur. To avoid having people push it off till then when they are not so busy.

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