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Author:  Isaac
E-mail:  therealeman@gmail.com
Date:  4/28/2005 1:49:00 AM
Subject:  Kol Isha - follow up
Message:  Rabbi,

I have a dilemma which only you can solve. Our synagoge is a modern orthodox one, with a balcony mechitza. On shabbat there is a particular woman who sings the duvening songs VERY VERY loudly with a shrill high-pitched voice that dominates the shul. The rabbi is reticent to say anything to her out of the fear of embarassing her, but I could care less. Isn't this a case of 'kol isha' and she needs to turn the volume down? Perhaps you could answer this question because I know she visits this board frequently.

Thank you for your attention.

Reply: If the Rabbi cannot succeed, the people must get involved...

But since the isur of Kol Isha requires one to see the woman - why would this be a problem here? I assume that one does not see her
Reply:  The issur of kol isha is, if you know what she looks like, even if you do not see her when she is singing. You obviously know her.
The Rabbi can talk to her privately, why would that embarrass her.

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