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Author:  Daniel
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Date:  4/26/2005 1:07:00 AM
Subject:  Spirit of the Law
Message:  "When we choose to consume something treif under the auspices of "It's alright - it's not *really* food," we are violating spirit of the law."

I usually don't agree with this website, but this guy talking about "the spirit of the law" is even worse. He is a Christian thinker, just like Paul (yimach shemo), who introduced to the masses this concept that the law says more than it says or it does not say. It is needless to say that we don't hold that way.

In the same way, we don't learn halacha from the intentions behind taqanoth and gezeroth of the Great Sanhedrin (qal vahomer the torah), we must observe them based on the substance of the law, not its spirit. I want to refer you to the RMBM towards the end of the Sefer Ha Mitzvot when he describes the last Lo Taase, he explains that Shelomo HaMelekh was punished by Hashem because he thought that the laws of kings didn't apply to him, so he rationalized that it was OK for him to violate them. Clearly, being the wisest man is not a good excuse for this distortion and corruption. By doing that, a person can do away with the entire torah, G-d forbid.
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