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Author:  SA
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Date:  4/12/2005 10:30:00 PM
Subject:  Snickers Marathon Low Carb Lifestyle Energy Bar
Ingredients: Whole Peanuts, Polydextrose, Soy protein isolate, glycerin, cocoa powder processed with alkali, maltitol, whey protein isolate, tapioca starch, chocolate, palm kernel oil, salt, sugar, calcium caseinate, skim milk, sorbitol, sucralose, spice, natural flavor ... ( various & vitamins and minerals ).

What beracha is said on this ? HaAdama or Shehakol ? And brief explanation please ...

Thank you.

Reply:  Haadama or Haetz. It depends on what is the main ingredient for you. I never ate this product. If you are eating it because of the chocolate it would possibly be Haetz, or else it is Haadama for the peanuts.

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