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Author:  Clare
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Date:  4/4/2005 8:20:00 AM
Subject:  Ignorance
Message:  Rabbi.
   I love your website, I read it everyday, but there is a dark cloud that seems to be covering each and every question and that is th esimple lack of common sense. When did we lose our common sense, and now with passover upon us it seems as if our brains become mush. Why cant we simply use common sense in our every day lives and our halachic applications? Everyone seems to be whining and asking questions like the evil son of pesach, to ask just to ask but not even really caring about the answer. Why does everyone assume that God is out to get them, like he made these complicated laws so we can squrim and flounder, common sense seems to be lacking here.

Is there a mitzva for having common sense???
Reply:  It says, "Kol She'Ein Boh Deah, Assur LeRachem Alav." He who has no (common) sense, you should not have pity on him.

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