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Author:  michael b
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Date:  4/3/2005 6:11:00 AM
Subject:  differing minhagim
Message:  If i eat, dorm, and live in a yeshivah where the rosh hayeshivah is askenaz and makes a psak for the whole yeshivah which is clearly based on a rama"h and the mechaber on that seif is the opposite, if im sephardi can i go against the psak or do i need to follow it as long as i stay there.

( i was going to a certain yeshivah where the former rosh yeshivah (he is not even alive, he died 20 years ago, but the Yeshivah keeps the MINHAG) forbade taking showers on yom tov and me being a loyal abadi servant knows very well that showers on yom tov are permitted)

p.s. if the answer is do it with out anyone knowing its kind of hard in a dormitory with 200 guys sharing the same showers
Reply:  Rosh Yeshivot shouldn't be making any Psakim, if not qualified....

If he was qualified, he would have told his people to leave you alone. Take the shower and tell them not to worry, you are not frum....

Another thing....
What was his Psak on 200 guys sharing the same showers....

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