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Author:  no-bashert?
E-mail:  shanaz@brandeis.edu
Date:  3/28/2005 8:54:00 PM
Subject:  bashert
Message:  are there specific tehillim or prayers to say to find my bashert?
Reply:  First, start davening three times a day with real kavana (knowing what you are saying), then wait till Hashem sends you your Bashert. If you feel the need to daven extra, it can be a weakness in emunah. Hashem knows you need a shidduch. HE also knows when will be the right time.
But then, what about those people who are older? Am I saying that they didn't daven enough? NO! There are many reasons for people's suffering in this world. Some get very sick C"V, some have shidduch issues, some have no Shalom Bayis, some R"L have family members who pass away, suddenly or very young. Then there is the Neshama getting a tikkun angle. There are many other types of suffering in this world. Our job is to do the Mitzvos, through the direction of a Rov. If we do our part, Hashem will do His part. That is not a guarantee that things will work out the way we want. Hashem knows better what is good for us in this world. We can never ask, why is he/she finding their shidduch at such a young age and not me.
This goes for anything and everything. We have no idea how Hashem works. We have to accept and go on. This is easy to say and as I read what I wrote, I'm feeling a little hypocritical, but I guess I'm human.

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