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Author:  pesach
E-mail:  pesach0312@hotmail.com
Date:  3/22/2005 6:54:00 PM
Subject:  Mazik LeMehadrin
Message:  Shalom kvod haRabanim!
I just wanted to share with you something that I saw in one of the booklets which came out recently here in Israel and get your opinion on it. It has lots of pictures of Rabbi Eliyashiv and his helika talmidim, and it decribes their darkam bkodesh (for example, in the house of the rabbi they do not noheg to it zer'onim on purim night etc.)
on the page 30 it says the following:
based on Rama in hilchot megila etc.
Even the person who knows about himself that he damages when he is drunk, is pemitted (mutar) to become drunk on Purim and aino hoshesh.
Now, besides the Shla haKodesh that is brought down by Baal Mishna Berura, who says that the person should stay away from grabing and damaging even though the person who did it is patur from paying damages since people forgive to each other at that time. And besides the fact that Rama says that lebusume means drinking a little more that the person is accustomed to drink.
The Rama seems to say, that the person is patur bediavad. It seems, that He does not mean to say that the person who usually damages when he is drunk could go ahead and party. Even more, the Beit Yosef brings down that the person is patur only when the custom is to forgive like in those days when people were accustomed to forgive but otherwise he is hayav. HaRav Baal Aruch haShulhan says that nowadays person is obligated to pay the damages and that we are not on that level anymore. I want to see how rabbi Efrati would react if a bunch of pirchahim brake into his house on purim right after seuda, and start pulling out ballatot from his floor, brake his furniture and pluck his beard out. I almost sure he will smile and forgive. Well, maybe not really...
Maybe I am missing out on something, but I do not understand how come we live according to booklets and newspapers like Kotz haNeaman the rest of the helika mishpaha. How could the word Iton- newspaper and hareidi go together. If you would has veshalom ever read the communists' newspapers like Pravda and etc. that came out in comrade Stalin's times and after, you would see how hakotz sorry yated copied their techniches. What happened with halachik debates and what about Shulhan Aruch. Everyone seems to have a copy how come only few people are bothered to use it, and what about asking people who really know it.
I am megafar from beeing a posek and I could be mistaken, that's why I really would like to know your opinion on this psak of theirs.
Wishing you lots of hazlaha and Purim sameah :)       

Reply:  This year we have a "Purim Party" and we will ban all forms of substance abuse, including alcohol.

In the previous generations wine was a part of the daily routine. They knew how to control it and they didn't get crazy. Today it is dangerous! How many kids need to get wasted, and how many kids need to become alcoholics, before we do something about it?

Instead of stopping the alcohol, we will probably open up a "Kosher LaMehadrin A.A."

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