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Author:  ANGRYBT
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Date:  3/18/2005 2:02:00 PM
Subject:  RE: Baal Techuva
Message:  It is so completely OBVIOUS why your having these issues. Im am speaking from expierience and not just adding my two cents, you killed yourself, you destroyed the person God wanted you to be. Why did you become "black" a real Baal Techuva is a rainbow, they add, glow and inspire the rest of the frummies to wake up, they were brought back for a reason, not to go to Lakewood, we have plenty of people in Lakewood. And as far as a shidduch, dont be so sure you even want to marry a "FFB" girl, its not so simple, maybe if you were to remain yourself and embrace the Torah as the person God made you and not drown in the sea of black you may stand tall and be noticed by your Bashert, she will see the real you, the neshama that shines through and not some report some shadchan gave her, WAKE UP MAN!!!! You just did worse, you became a BT then relinquished that status to FFB, what a shame and a loss.

Oh well... you will always keep complaining unless you open your eyes and understand WHY you became BT.

ITS NEVER TO LATE TO CHANGE, you should know that!

Reply:  Interesting outlook. I'd love to know your perspective. You sound angry. You should chill out. Your points may have some validity, but the anger takes away from the message. As Jews, we are required to be happy, even if we totally disagree with people and their attitudes.

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