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Author:  The Rest of the Kahal
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Date:  3/17/2005 11:27:00 AM
Subject:  in reference to AHR's message
Message:  In reference to the message from AHR, how would you like it if somone said "it's the jewish mentality: they'd sell out their whole religion to make a dollar. no offense to jews." Of course this isn't true--its a stereotype driven by a tiny minority of unscrupulous people--no more than you'd find in any subculture.

You can't just say "no offense to blacks" to justify making a totally racist statement.

By the way, maybe not in your part of the world but we have plenty of dark-skinned African or African-American yehudim in our communities who have arrived from various places and who are righteous, god-fearing, Torah-true jews. And skin color has nothing to do with it.   

Author: AHR
E-mail: AHR98765@hotmail.com
Date: 3/16/2005 7:43:35 AM
Subject: Baalei Tshuva and Frum World
Message: In reference to Miles complaint about the Frum World or "frumkeit". Please Miles,start serving Hashem in all of your wonderful endeavours- not the people around you. You learn Torah and you want to marry because Hashem wants you to.

I am sick of hearing people complain about every roadblock Hashem sets down in your path. Remember for the rest of your life-Hashem is the Ultimate Roadblocker-and every roadblock is set specifically for you-and believe it or not- it is for your benefit.
Who do you think runs this world? The Yeshivos? the Mikvah ladies? The kashrut organizations.
I just told my Chavrusa what I am writing and he answered me succinctly
- You all have the "shvartze mentality"- You think you have everything coming to you. No offense to Blacks.
Enough Said.

Reply: Well said! Some of us are not on your level, but aspire to reach it. It is easier said than done.
Just for clarification purposes, he doesn't mean to say that we should allow and/or thank the people to/who do what they do, because they help Hashem set roadblocks. (maybe we should thank them)
Should there be a ? after "The kashrut organizations" or an ! ?

Reply:  Blacks should be insulted if you compare them to those groups. I say, "we shall overcome!"

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