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Author:  sarah
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Date:  3/14/2005 7:31:00 PM
Subject:  betrayal/divorce
Message:  I heard firsthand about a pretty serious situation, where a married woman having some marital problems, thought it would not be so bad if she would just have a fling with another man. Well, when it became known she found out that because of having relations with this man she was no longer able to stay married to her husband. She would be considered like a niddah forever to her husband.

Is this all true? Does she really have to get divorced? If so, why don't they teach girls in their Kallah classes these serious situations? Maybe, and probably most certainly people with marital problems would try alot harder to seek help from a Rav or other professional rather than ruin their chances of getting things back on track. This was a very unfortunate situation being that children were involved as well. You can imagine how shocking and hurting this whole ordeal has been for all involved.

Please inform me if this is the halachah. Thanks for your most informative and upfront approach!
Reply:  Yes the Halacha is correct. But it is not so simple. It usually depends on the case. BUT either way, it is pretty scary that the way to get a person to follow Halacha, is to tell them your family will fall apart.
I'm willing to bet that if that couple had a Rov since before they were married that they followed through thick and thin, it would not have come to that!

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