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Date:  3/11/2005 12:09:00 AM
Subject:  Silk Screen Sefer Torah
Message:  In this post, http://kashrut.org/forum/viewpost.asp?mid=4692, you seriously chewed up the questioner for his chutzpa.

All chutzpa and arrogance issues aside, I just want to clarify. I don't know much if anything about safrus. You have presented a very very convincing case that your father's process is totally 100% kosher, especially regarding what seems to be the main complaint, the Yerushalmi "kasav v'lo shofeich".

But as for these points:

1. Each shem of hashem needs to be written specifically leshmah prior to writing it. If you are writing a page in a couple of seconds why do you assume that you can be mafsick between the kedusah and the actual writing of the shem hashem, with other words that are not shemos?

2.Every sefer on hilchaos safrus writes that lechactcila each word must be said by the sofer prior to writing it so that the kedusah of the hevel piv will go on to each word. How do you do that?

4.Many poskim hold that even in a sefer torah the letters of each shem have to be written in order.

I don't know hilchos ksivas sefer Torah at all. Are these points mentioned by the poskim? Or was the poster in that previous post full of baloney? And if they are mentioned, is your father disagreeing with them? Or does he hold that the guarantee of the overall kashrus of the sefer
Torah outweighs these concerns?

I'm hoping you'll trust my sincerity and reply, as I am very _practically_ curious about this.

Reply:  "I don't know hilchos ksivas sefer Torah at all. "

If only there were more people like you, honest about things like this.

"Are these points mentioned by the poskim?"

All these points are in my fathers Sefer. But don't forget the most important thing. There are over 20 major Acharonim (Rabbis within the last 400 Years) that discuss the faults and merits of actually hand printing a Sefer Torah. About half say it is 100% Kosher, and the others have concerns. The concerns boil down to one thing, Chakikah. Something in the way that printing was done that the letters were not put on the normal way. This is totally non-existant with Silk-Screen writing. Clearly all 20 Rabbanim would agree that Silk-Screen is 100% Kosher for all. Any other concerns were not much of an issue. Despite all this, my father did address all these points in his Teshuva to explain to us why these 20 Acharonim didn't worry about those issues.

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