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Author:  bill
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Date:  3/7/2005 8:46:00 PM
Subject:  niddah
Message:  can you please clarify the following post:
on 2/19/2005
Subject: Pregnant Family purity
the question was asked regarding a woman who is pregnant
1. Should she wear white or colored underware?
Reply: 1. colored always except red & black
    I thought any color as long as it was not white is ok - is red always no good?
did you mean a garment thats both red and black together? does this apply to women when they are not pregnant but not a niddah too?
thank you for clarifying

Reply:  Red & black are not advised, just as a precaution. Sometimes there is a stain that may require medical attention, but is not seen because of the red or black. ONLY by seven clean days should one wear white.

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