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Author:  anonymous
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Date:  3/1/2005 12:02:00 PM
Subject:  Siyum Hashas
Message:  As the Rabbanim that run this message board always see past the blindness and ignorance of the majority of our society, I am curious what your ubiased opinion is of the Siyum Hashas. Granted, there are a lot of pros, but I was just wondering if you condone going, and in general what you think of the whole daf yomi system. I can see both the good and the bad and would like to hear your thoughts. Thank you.
Reply:  As you say, there is good & bad in the Daf Yomi system. The main idea is that the requirement to study Torah is in order to know the rules that we need to live by. The priority and first rule of business is to know the laws. The study of Talmud is supposed to come after that. Those that study Talmud but go through life not knowing the rules of life, have missed the boat.

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