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Author:  michael edery
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Date:  2/27/2005 12:08:00 PM
Subject:  response to hello hi
Message:  you raise a very valid point! as someone once told me, when you work in a cardboard factory, you step on cardboard. so too, whenyou work with childrens neshamot, you step on childrens neshamot.
the guy that told this to me, had a friend that became a hebrew teacher at a relativley young age, with no formal teaching education. and like many of our inexperienced teachers he 'stepped on neshamot'. 15 years later, when he realized his mistakes of the past, he looked up each and every one of his former students and asked them for 'mechila', forgiveness, for what he had done to them over the past fifteen years.
truly a brave and admirable individual.
Reply:  and rare individual
I can't imagine what K'lal Yisrael would look like if Principlas, Rabbeim, Morohs, teachers etc. followed this person's example. Maybe even Moshiach would be here. Wishful thinking.
I had such a Rebbe. Rabbi Dovid Trenk asked me mechilla for something that he did to me, that I deserved. Those of us that were zoche to know him or, better yet, to have learned by him, are out there in the world trying to make a dent in the insanity. We'll be successful sooner or later. Do the research, graduates from Adelphia Yeshiva who are in Chinuch are doing great work L'shem Hashem (for real).

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