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Author:  Renee
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Date:  2/27/2005 11:23:00 AM
Subject:  mikve lady
Message:  I worked as a mikve lady once upon a time in NJ.

I like to think that I was "Glenda the Good Witch" and not a harmful mikveh lady. Anyway, I was taught that we say "kosher" when a woman goes down because even if somehow she forgot to remove a chatzizah, (ie piece of food in her teeth or dirt on her toenail), that when a yirat shamayim woman pronounces "kosher" it makes it so and that any chatzizah that was forgotten would become nullified. I was taught this was like the Bitul Chames declaration.

I was also taught another custom which is interesting and that is to eat a sesame candy upon leaving the mikveh (they used to have a dish of them out) so that if you find anything in your teeth before you get home, you can attribute it to the sesame candy and not have to repeat the immersion.

Reply:  If a Chatzitza was there during the dipping, that renders the Mikva dipping unkosher, nothing the Mikva says will change that.

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