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Author:  anonymous
E-mail:  anonymous@anonymous.com
Date:  2/26/2005 10:30:00 PM
Subject:  mikva
Message:  I was discussing this with my husband and he didn't know the asnwer. Just an innocent ? - Why do the Mikva ladies say "kosher" after we go under?

We really love this site. Thanks for all your hard work.
Reply:  I don't know the mekor, but maybe it is a way of saying your hair went under, because that is their job.
The problem arises when the lady doesn't want her to check her for chatzitzas, etc., because her Rov said she can check herself. Yet the Mikva lady doesn't want to say "kosher" because she in her convoluted mind thinks that you need her to say "kosher". (This just happened in a Mikva, that we once thought, was sane - Hashem Yirachem)

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