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Author:  AA
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Date:  2/23/2005 8:23:00 PM
Subject:  Shabbat Candles
Message:  Question A:
If a married woman is visitng her parents for shabbat, and she has her own room, but does not want to light there ( neither a candle for safety reasons, nor a lamp because it disturbs her sleep ), what does she do as far as lighting ?

1= Light where her mom lights ?
2= Skip it and fulfills her obligation with her mother's candle lighting ?

Question B:
How about a husband whose wife is away, and he is staying with a friend -- does he light also, or does he fulfill his obligation with his host's candle lighting ? ( the guest is staying in the living room )

This is for this coming shabbat 2-25-05; thank you for the answer.

Reply:  Sorry about the timing
1. Turn on a light in the kitchen or dining room that will stay on over Shabbos.
2. don't skip it, it is a Mitzva.

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