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Author:  AA
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Date:  2/19/2005 9:08:00 PM
Subject:  mikve questions
Message:  At the mikve, on a recent trip to Montreal, when I summoned the mikve lady to escort me to the mikve area -- she instructed me to wash netilat yadayim before going into the water.   I asked why, but she did not offer any explanation. I did not want to make a fuss, so I just did it.

Then she asked if I make the beracha before going in the water, or when already in the water. I said the latter.

I began my beracha, "Baruch atta A-d-onai E-loheinu" when suddenly she yells "Stop this instant" you have to dip first and then say the beracha, and then dip again -- those are the rules here. I said I follow my rabbi and this is what he says to do. She relented only after several minutes of arguing.

Then she ordred me to wear this cloth on your head when reciting the beracha. As I just wanted to dip already, I said give me the cloth and dipped.


1= What's this business with Netilat Yadayim before going in the water ? And is this obligatory according to your father ?

2= What's the story with covering my head when reciting the beracha ? Is this necessary according to your father ?

3= Do I dip, then make the beracha, then dip again ? I thought this is the ashknazi custom. I usually recite the beracha then dip -- is this the correct procedure ( for sephardim ) ?

Thank you.
Reply:  1. Not neccessary.
2. For a man, yes.
3. You are correct

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