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Author:  David
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Date:  2/14/2005 1:06:00 PM
Subject:  Kosher Car Wash
Message:  Kosher Truck Washes in 31 States, CRC Reports
(Chicago) Truckers hauling kosher foods can have their trucks washed under kosher supervision in 31 states, according to Rabbi Sholem Fishbane of the Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC), one of the nation's larger kosher certification agencies. The kosher washes assure that the trucks are not washed (often required by state regulation) with contaminated waters of regular truck washes and that they are cleaned after hauling non-kosher products. A CRC spokesman explained that to be economical, most trucks conduct "backhauling" where they will pick up a variety of food products and therefore need to "become kosher" again in order to haul kosher. To direct truckers to the kosher stations, the CRC has published a map of the US and a directory on its Web site www.crcweb.org. In addition to the US, similar certified stations are located in Canada. Most of the stations are certified by the CRC, the Orthodox Union (OU) and a host of other regional and local rabbis and certifications.
Reply:  I wouldn't use one of those washes unless they were Mehadrin....

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