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Author:  Gedalya Wielgus
E-mail:  alittle2smart4u@aol.com
Date:  2/10/2005 4:35:00 PM
Subject:  krias shema
Message:  I assume the reason you say that myzmanims zman krias shema is wrong is because their netz is off by 2 min. If I remember your fathers teshuva correctly, your father says that it's a safek which zman is correct, and since the inyan of vasikin is zrizin makdimin limitzvos, so pushing it off 2 minutes for a halchchic concern that you might daven shemoneh esreh before the zman, would not be violating that. However when it comes to zman krias shema this whole cheshbon shouldn't apply bec. saying krias shema 2 min before the zman ends would not be a problem? Thanks.
Reply:  correct. but there are other issues why his times are a little off. His Amud Hashachar is not based on 72 minutes Shaah Zemaniyot....


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