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Author:  moishg
E-mail:  moishg2001@yahoo.com
Date:  2/9/2005 4:24:00 PM
Subject:  Teachers
Message:  I am a teacher and a principal, and have many family members who are involved in Chinuch/teaching.

Most of them are very good at their jobs, effective teachers and role models, and beloved by their students.

But to be honest, were it not a family "tradition", I would have chosen another field, mostly because it is very difficult to support a family in teaching.

I had many business offers and opportunities, but I tried teaching first, as I said, because it's in my blood. I stuck around because of the fulfillment it provides.

However, most of our most talented, warm, people-people, who would make great Rabbeim and teachers, find their talents are far better remunerated out "in the world", and therefore never even give teaching a try.

I believe the reasons for the cheap salaries are twofold.
One, the financially hard-up Administrators/school boards can find cheap, willing labor, as in young inexperienced, poorly trained teachers, or desperate parnassa-earners.

Two, the parents kvetch like crazy when it comes to paying even todays tuitions. There is no way schools could afford to pay real salaries without the parents paying higher tuitions.
Thus a vicious cycle persists.

The final nail in the coffin is that it doesn't pay to spend real money training to be a teacher, as the payoff is so low, so the available training programs are far too cursory to be fully effective.

If I had to finger the main culprit, I would say it's the parents, who, by and large, will spend fortunes on every luxury out there, but will chisel like mad on tuition.
Although, in their favor, their feeble appreciation of their children's education may be partially due to certain shortcomings therein.

And so the cycle continues.....
Reply:  I couldn't agree more....
Believe it or not, there are people out there whose luxuries are more important than their children. Pretty scary!

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