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Author:  Jack D.
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Date:  2/9/2005 12:52:00 PM
Subject:  Re: Brochoh on Tortilla
Message:  B'Khavod,

In post 10300, CYA wrote that R. Abadi ShLIT"A holds tortillas to be m'zonoth. Can you please explain the reasoning behind this?

If I understand correctly (which may not be the case), "pat haba b'kisnin" is defined by three traits: Seasoned / flavored, brittle (like a cracker or pretzel), or stuffed (like sombusak or a calzone). It would seem to me that soft tortillas do not qualify as "pat haba b'kisnin" along any of these three dimensions. In fact, it most closely resembles really flat pita or laffa (which I've been told is HaMossi).

I would greatly appreciate an understanding of how R. Abadi ShLIT"A categorizes soft tortillas (wraps) as "pat haba b'kisnin".

Thank you,
Jack D.

Reply:  My father didn't call it "pat haba b'kisnin". He said "this is not bread, it is Mezonot".

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