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Author:  Rita
E-mail:  lemrak@aol.com
Date:  2/7/2005 12:47:00 PM
Subject:  mikveh again...
Message:  The basic principal of all courts is that all witnesses' who have a "cheskas kashrus" are given equal consideration. Often different witnesses will give you different versions of the same event. That's just the way human behavior works. You cannot assume the one party is more "right" than the other.

After reading your responses to this whole mikveh tempest, it seems to me that somehow your sympathies favor this particular mikveh attendee, although there is absolutely no reason for that. You were not there. So you only know what is being told to you, nothing more.

As moderator of this forum you have an OBLIGATION to edit information that might cause needless harm to innocent parties. You should have deleted the name, address and phone of the mivkeh. There was no reason to include it and you were wrong to leave that information on the internet. The negative publicity that came to Mikveh Sipora from the original letter has caused tremendous aggrevation and bad feeling. The effect of the letter would have been the same and the topic discussion would have also been the same. Even the mikveh attendee herself said that she supplied you with this information in confidence. You were remiss in your responsibilities and a proper apology is in order.

As to why you favor one version of the story over the next - there is no excusable explanation for that. We are dealing with a very honorable mikveh lady, and we can only conclude that somehow there was some sort of misunderstanding and leave it at that.
Reply:  As I said in a previous reply, there is no rhyme or reason that a lady can leave a Mikva upset in the slightest. The Mikva lady's job is to watch her hair go under water! Let us not lose sight of that.
It is not a question of which version, it is a reality that she was upset, unless you want to say she wasn't upset, but made the whole thing up. This is not a wrong or roght issue. The aggravation aspect is something that we have to deal with all the time, when some ladies are very offended by the Mikva ladies. It has gone as far as a lady saying she went and in reality, she didn't go.
When people are brought to such a level, there is something very wrong.

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