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Author:  former "teacher"
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Date:  2/6/2005 5:23:00 PM
Subject:  Hello Dear Hi!
Message:  Dear Mr. Hi!
With all respect, I would like to support the Rabbi's reply to you by writing about maase shehaya. When I was 19 yo certain school in NY hired me to teach the 9th grade. I was not teaching limudey kodesh. I went to college before but I never got a degree. Many of the boys in the school came from former Soviet Union. Many of them were not religious and neither were their families. Rabbis tried to "mekarev" them. So first thing first, the boys had to keep a strict dress code. Bar Mizva and up, a black hat and suit. Yonger, white shirts. The "Rosh Yeshivah" is known machmir on everything. He had some "kullas" but only in extreme cases. It's sad to see hot some "rabbis" see halacha consisting of humros and kullas and not the Law (rahmanut aleyhem). About the staff. Most of them were very nice people and few even very good teachers (kids loved them and you could've seen them change). But unfortunetely, some of them did not know a thing about teaching (including me). They yelled and even hit on constant basis (NOT including me). Many boys have left for public schools and became very cold to Judaism. I do not want to go on with all the other kilkulim that took place, but to conclude the school by the end got closed and non of the high school graduates recieved high school diplomas. Most of the them were not interested to continue "learning" and they went out to get low-paying jobs since the way to college gedree was closed.
So the Rabbi is right, enough is enough. Not just anybody could be a teacher. And yaldei israel are not laboratorian rats to "try things" on them and experiment.
To end, I regret that I took that position then. I think that anybody who wants to teach has a lot of reading and shimush to do before he starts.
With great respect for kvod haRabanim
B"H former "teacher"
Reply:  Thanks for sharing this.

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