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Author:  AA
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Date:  2/6/2005 3:45:00 PM
Subject:  Mikveh Lady
Message:  Attn: Mikveh Lady, Rabbi Barry, Rabbis Abadi, and all kashrut.org visitors --

I am the woman who had the encounter with the mikveh lady last month. When I read her response I was really upset because half of what she said is simply not true.

That night was the second time I ever saw her. Perhaps she did not recognize from the previous visit. (Before that I used to always have the other woman who was always chearful, pleasant, sweet and would greet you in such a wonderful way that I never wanted to switch. In fact, my husband on many occasions told me to go to the other sephardic mikvah to try it out, but I kept on telling him that I loved the mikveh lady and that was the most important thing for me.)

When I was finally allowed to go to the mikveh after I gave birth, I went to the mikveh and saw the other woman that I really liked and was very happy to know that she was still there. But the next two times, it was this woman.

The first of the two times, I didn't have a problem with her since I didn't use the patch at that point.   But before going the second time, I faxed your father in Israel and asked him if it was OK to dip with it on. He replied "Ein Zeh Hatzitza".   I'm not embarrased to say who my rabbi is and whom I follow. I even had the honor to meet with him the last time he was in Lakewood.

My point is that if she would of asked me "who is your rabbi", I would of told her, but she did not ask; and clearly told me to remove it if I wanted to dip, or go home.

For one minute it made me think of going home because I felt insulted by her and uncomfortable, but then realized that my husband is the most important thing for me and I want to keep this great and fundamental mitzva, so I went back to the room and removed it, without even knowing the effect of removing it for a few minutes.

I honestly don't think I would ever be able to go back to that mikveh unless this woman who clearly told me to go home unless I remove it apologizes to me and tells me what she wrote was not true. As far as the other mikveh lady, she's great and I hope she can keep it up.

Rabbi Barry, I left you a message today on the number you posted online, as I have more things to discuss with you about this subject that I rather not include in this message.

Concerning including the name of the mikvah and the address in the original post -- my intention was not to publicize this. I emailed the rabbis in private, and gave the ok at their discretion to put it on the website. I included it in the email in the context of asking them for help in contacting the mikveh administration to accomodate me. I did not contact you, R. Barry, originally since it seemed clear from the manner in which I was treated by the mikveh lady that I may not get far on my own, without outside help from R. Abadi.

I appreciate your sensitive and clarifying response, and look foward to speaking with you in the near future.

Thank you.
Reply:  I am highly impressed by your clarity in understanding right from wrong. I would guess she needed to modify the story a bit to cover her mistake.

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