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Author:  Gedalya Wielgus
E-mail:  alittle2smart4u@aol.com
Date:  2/3/2005 4:27:00 PM
Subject:  shema and minyan
Message:  1.Message: All the charts here list the magen avraham zman krias shema as 8:27, while myzmanim lists it as 8:36. Do you know which one is accurate? Thanks.

Reply: neither
So what is accurate?
2. You wrote that you could be yotze tefialah betzibur over the phone. Why is this different then havdalah which your father told me you're not yotze?
Reply:  1) Do the math. Divide the day from Morning till night and then count three of those hours.

2) Tefilah you are saying, but just joining a group to be included with them. Havdalah you are only hearing it, but not direct.

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