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Author:  anon
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Date:  2/3/2005 2:44:00 PM
Subject:  Extra Tehillim
Message:  Dear Rabbi:
It has become the custom in our synagogue to add perakim of Tehillim before the Kaddish after the second Ashrei in Shachrit. We then say all kinds of Tefillot for the sick,etc.
My question is this: Isn't this changing the Tefillah that was set up by Anshei Knesset Hagedolah? And, doesn't this seem to say that the Shemoneh Esreh that we just prayed was inadequate and therefore we need to add something else? Shouldn't any additions be made after the entire Tefillah is finished?
Reply:  No additions should be added, primarily due to Tirchah DeTzibura, (you are not allowed to add something to give extra work or bother to the people).

The "Maaseh Rav" of the GR"A says that he would never allow them to say any extra.

Then you must remember that we can't say Pesukim on behalf of sick people. It certainly wouldn't help the cause to do something that is prohibited on their behalf.

This week we had a few guys over Friday night. We discussed the issues of prayers Saturday morning and how hard it was to survive it. I explained that the required prayers can be done properly and respectfully in about one hour each Shabbat morning.

The Shacharit starts with Berachot, then Baruch She'Amar, Ashrei, Nishmat and Yishtabach. That is say 10 minutes max. Anyone can come earlier and say as much as they like, but let's not force those of us who can't sit so long.
Then there is Birchot Kriat Shema, Shema, and the Amida/Shemona Esrey. About 12 minutes max. Then the Chazan repeats the Amida/Shemona Esrey, so add 5 minutes (please, no singing). A total of 27 minutes to say Shacharit slowly carefully and without the additives.

Then the reading of the Torah shouldn't be much more than 25 minutes. Drop the Mi Sheberachs.

Followed by Mussaf for about 4minutes and repeated by the Chazan for another 5 minutes. Add 3 minutes for Aleinu and some assorted delays &/or Kaddish and we are done.

A Grand-Total of 64 minutes. Sometimes the Torah reading can be 10 minutes or so more and often it is 5-10 minutes less.
Why should we make it hard for our people? Who gains? Whoever wants to say more before should come early, and more after should stay later. Let the rest of us live!

We offered to start our own Minyan to pray this way at my home. We have a large detached garage that can easily become a Shul/Rec Room (or Shrek Room!) that the gang is planning to paint the inside themselves to show their artistic talents (May God help us all) and the word graffiti came up. (Is that something to do with a Palm Pilot?)

Seriously, I look forward to this and welcome anyone who wants to come and join. Just say no.... to those annoying, shlepping shuls.

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