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Author:  Rita
E-mail:  lemrak@aol.com
Date:  2/3/2005 11:41:00 AM
Subject:  mikveh lady
Message:  Regarding "anonymous" who claimed that the mikveh lady at this particular mikveh told her that unless she removed her patch, she could "go home":

First and most importantly, I find it outrageous that the actual name, address and phone number of this particular mikveh should be posted on the forum without first corroborating the facts with the other side. If people want to "vent" their frustrations on this forum - that's fine. But once you name names - then you must first verify the facts from all parties! How could you print someone's version of events giving the actual mikveh and mikveh lady without getting both sides of the story? I think that's called slander.

Second, I know this particular mikveh lady very well. She happens to be a G-d fearing, righteous women, a person with over 30 years of experience running a mikveh. She is extremely dedicated, sensitive and totally committed to doing the right thing.

I find it very offensive to say that a mikveh lady is just someone to watch the immersion and has no other input. This mikveh lady is far more that "just a pair of eyes" to watch the immersion. She has dealt with thousands of questionable situations and has consulted rabbis on all occasion.

One thing I know for certain. She would never tell a women she has to "go home" unless she removes her patch. She would try to accomodate any women while working under the guidance of Orthodox rabbis.

Some of the women, amongst the hundreds of women who come each month, have never actually asked a rabbi any questions. They might have heard something from a friend, read something somewhere, or just want to do what they think is common sense. Many situations regarding a hatzizah problem are different. There are so many variables that often there is no standard "yes- its OK' or "no-you can't." Anyone involved in mikveh halachot knows this.

This particular mikveh was founded with the express purpose of eliminating the many unpleasantries associated with going to the mikveh that have plagued this community in the past. In this goal, they have been tremendously successful, largely due to our wonderful mikveh ladies. Attendance has been steadily rising and almost everyone has had a positive experience.

Reply:  Point well taken, but please read the two responses just posted.

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