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Author:  chaim
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Date:  2/2/2005 11:20:00 AM
Subject:  Re: Daniels Chutzpah
Message:  "Author: Daniel
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Date: 2/1/2005 11:53:35 PM
Subject: huqoth ha goyim
Message: In the Torah it says that you must wear a Kippah. It says "you should listen to your Rabbis decrees."

That statement shows your ignorance again. The torah says that we must not go by the huqoth ha goyim (wvhuqotheyhem lo thelekhu), which means, among other things, that we are required to look like Jews (See Rambam Aboda Zara Chapter 12). We can accomplish that by wearing kippoth, but never did a legitimate Sanhedrin decree that we must wear kippoth. It is certainly recommendable to do so, but you can also comply with this requirement by wearing your tzitzioth outside or wearing tefilin all day, which is what most of us try to do (at least the shel yad). You do not have to repply to this message, but please correct your conceptual error."


How dare you!?!?!? you are a walking talking living product of our society, you talk with straight out disrespect and disregard for the Torah and its teachers, How dare you justify you chutzpah and your ego trip, by trying to back yourself up with such people as the Rambam etc.. The Rambam would slap you in the face if he heard you talk like this!! and bring his holy teachings as justification to your arrogance and chutzpah!?!? you should re-evaluate where you stand in this religion, chutzpah to our Rabbis is where it all starts, back in the day, they checked into someones yichus and found him to be a Mamzer, this was caused because of his lack of respect for his Rabbis....they said someone who has out right disrespect to a Rabbi cannot have kosher yichus, hence a "new" religion, maybe you should join them, they might side with you the way you talk to Rabbis. I hope The Abbadis forgive you, and i hope G-d forgives you, there is a special warm place for people like you...


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