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Author:  hi
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Date:  2/2/2005 12:18:00 AM
Subject:  schools
Message:  ok, they do tell you what to do, there is training, there is constant communication amongst the staff, and they interview and check you out before you start. theres no point in talking about it really, but that is the truth. again, if there are some or many deans/principals who dont check out their rebbeim, there is still no gain in becoming bitter and dumping the whole lot. tehre are a lot of people who choose to home school, and thats a choice. if you could come up with a better system, please share it with the public! doesnt it say about someone or other that if not for him torah would of been forgotten from yisrael? this was the man who opened the first elementary school. why do you think schools opened in the first place- besides for orphans and poor people- because the parents couldnt or wouldnt properly teach their children, for whatever reason. so children needed to be taught....what do you suggest???
Reply:  "there is training, there is constant communication"

Are we talking about Catholic School? Are you in denial?

I suggest we take down the whole system and start from scratch. My main issue is that you can't fix something when you are in denial.

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