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Author:  hi
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Date:  2/1/2005 5:59:00 PM
Subject:  dont agonize?
Message:  at first glance mr mintz's reply makes sense, but really...just as brain surgeons cannot do more than get their degree and get experience, its the same with teachers. theres no semicha or navi to tell them if their ready. so people teach. its a risk they take. otherwise there would be no learning going on. so its not malicious. they find out everything they can and they try. its kind of narrowminded to dismiss the whole world of rebbeim as maliciously clueless cause you had some bad experiences.
Reply:  Please!
Every field in the world including the garbagemen have training, supervision, job descriptions, and some sort of quality control. Except for religious Jewish schools.....

You know you must stand up for them, but you have no clue, so you just say empty words. Get real! If you went to a job and they didn't tell you what to do, you go to your boss and ask him/her....

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