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Author:  David
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Date:  2/1/2005 8:51:00 AM
Subject:  Comment on Article???
Message:  A Shabbat Observant Refrigerator from Sharp
(Tel Aviv) Sharp is now offering refrigerators made especially for strictly observant Jews, the Sharp Mehadrin. Up until now, refrigerators sold here had a mechanism to shut off the refrigerator light on Shabbat or people removed the light bulb, but each time the door opened, warmer air came in as the thermostat started working. The Jerusalem Post reports that the Sharp Mehadrin refrigerators have a mechanism developed by the Haifa-based Technological Center for Halacha (Jewish Law) that stops the thermostat from working when the door is opened, avoiding the desecration of the Shabbat
Reply:  They should have a Refuah Shelema!

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