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Author:  Anon.
E-mail:  jacksr007@aol.com
Date:  1/30/2005 4:51:00 PM
Subject:  geavah
Message:  i recenetly just purchased my first car and driving it around town is making me feel some type of geavah/arrogance... is there anything that i can do that would reduce this feeling
Reply:  Dealing with Midot (carachter traits) is not possible by just sitting back. It is a work for a lifetime. Work on it. It shouldn't be Gaavah which is a feeling that you are better than the others. Do you really feel that because you have something that the other fellow doesn't have, that you better in any way? How about looking at it as "thank you God for such a great car." More like a feeling of driving your new car on a parkway where no-one whom you know can see you. That is why we make the blessing "Shecheyanu."
It means something like, Bless you Hashem our God the king of the whole world that you kept us alive to reach this wonderful time!

While we are on this topic....

I have been driving around with a hard piece of a dried carob pod AKA "Bucksah" in some other language. I picked it up at a Yeshiva where they put this out on Tu-Bishvat, which is the New-Year for trees. The accepted custom is to find some of the new fruit to eat on Tu-Bishvat and make a Shehecheyanu. Somehow this Bucksah stuff got on the top of the list decades ago, yet in the form it is presented these last several decades it is absolutely inedible. Cardboard is more appetizing. Try eating that stuff. Yet every year without fail it makes it to the top of the Shehecheyanu charts.
Strange! Is there anybody home?

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