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Author:  Dolores Bender White
E-mail:  DoloresBenderWhite@hotmail.com
Date:  1/27/2005 2:43:00 AM
Subject:  Kissing the Hand
Message:  Dear Rabbi Abadi,

Oh dear! I think there has been a misunderstanding in the 1/23/2005 message.

It never occurred to me that you would think I was asking for myself!

After almost getting over the initial shock of the response, I do see some humor in it, but unfortunately far more embarrassment than humor.

Let me ask the question again—this time more correctly.

It is the Sephardic way for a man to kiss the hand of a Rav to show honor. Are you saying that if one’s stepfather is a Rav that this kavod should not be extended to him?

Respectfully and sincerely,
Dolores Bender White
Reply:  I Don't understand?

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