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Author:  dweck
E-mail:  dweck2@walla.co.il
Date:  1/27/2005 2:17:00 AM
Subject:  Balanit ( Again)
Message:  Dear Rabbi,

I admired the way you took out the time to reply about the Mikve Lady.

This reminds me of a discussion we had in the Kniss some time ago by few prominent rabbis about 'few current issues". One of them was a woman who drove on a Friday night to the Mikveh. She was just now beginning to approach religiosity and was still in the "bein hazmanim " stage until she is fully observant. Her husband had just arrived after 16 days from overseas.

The Balanit saw her with car keys and cell phone and threw her out !

As usually happens with Jews the discussion lead to a Macholket, but if I remember correctly, the majority said that balanit was wrong and the community rabbi told her not to do such a thing again. ( He basically said that this problem is one of the reasons why women don't like to go to the Mikveh. It is a Hilul Hashem chasing women away from Hashem's Mitzvot. Perhaps the fact this was a Sephardic Rabbi had something to do with it….)

Reply:  Wow! What a story.

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