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Author:  Daniel Borsuk
E-mail:  danborsuk@aol.com
Date:  1/25/2005 3:21:00 PM
Subject:  Lipman & "Bishul Akum"
Message:  You missed my point.
The original girsa'oth, as preserved in MSS not touched by Christian censors, such as those published in Muslim lands, Codex Kauffmann, for instance, have "nokhri," "goy,", for non-Jew, as you note.
Hadar's question was seeking a definition of "Akum". CYA did not address this directly. Neither did Lipman. His question was centered on that term. To say that "it means any non-Jew" is not the point. The real answer is that this term was never mentioned by Hazal, and hence, his question goes away. "Akum" does infact mean idolater. There is no pilpul needed here. This term should not be used at all- we should use the original terms used by hazal - goy, nokhri, etc...You can either stick to the faulty girsa that leads to questions for no reason, as used in Europe, or the correct one maintained by the non-Ashkenazic traditions. Same goes for the Mishne Tora.
Reply:  I think that this topic distracts us from the real issues. In halachah every time any of those words are used and even others that are more difinitive, like Kuty, the Rabbis discuss the specifics of who is and who is not included. It ends up being a case by case basis. No need to dwell on this.
Bishul Aku"m means only non-Jews. Yayin Nesech includes non-observant Jews. Chukot HaAkum will technically include any idol worshippers and any non-Jews or non-observant Jews if it is done out of Pritzut. Goy on Shabbat doing a Melachah for you includes all non-Jews. Goy on Shabbat for Schirut Reshut in Eiruvin includes non-Observant Jews. Aku"m by the issue of doing business with them before their Holidays would refer to idol worshipping ones. Challav Aku"m does not really specify any type. It is a Chashas and if it was bought from an Observant Jew and there was a chance of it being mixed with non-kosher milk it would have the same problem. and on and on and on.

The Yetzer Harah likes us to sit and talk about irrelevant points in order that we avoid the important stuff. He/she is afraid of what we might do if we stayed on track.

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