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Author:  charlie
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Date:  1/25/2005 2:02:00 PM
Subject:  sepharadi tefillin
Message:  k'vod ha Rav:
I am an Ashkenaz that started in teshuva around 20 years ago and I have been praying and learning w/ Sepharadim ever since. My wife is a sepharadit, and our home is run accordingly.
I've always had Ashkenaz tefillin (beit yosef/ however, wrapped sepharadic minhag). Seperately, I also recently learned (from Rav Eli Mansour) about the incredible importance of wearing the tefillin properly, etc.
I was told recently that considering all of the above, I should finally purchase Sepharadic teffillin. I am happy to spend the $ to beautify the miztvah (w/ a competant sofer). My question is, is there a basis to this person's assertion that I need to have the new tefillin? Would you be so kind as to give me a source if there is a basis?
Reply:  If your Rabbi is Sephardic you can certainly follow his Minhagim and all. If you don't have a Rabbi, go out and get one.

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