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Author:  shalom
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Date:  1/23/2005 11:58:00 PM
Subject:  dont agonize, mobilize
Message:  you think they should close all yeshivos? who would anyone be without their rebbi- your father had one, no? so, one guy wrote that his sons rebbi is an idiot. so his sons rebbi is an idiot. or maybe he just has a childhood thing against gelled hair cuz his friends made fun of him when he had it. whatever. so lets vent now about closing all schools.
a lot of teachers are misguided, and a lot of them are clueless, but they are generally not malicious. may i suggest that you consider giving some classes and educating the masses about chinuch, rather then dismissing the whole educational field as hopeless dolts. thanks for all you do on this site.
Reply:  Sir! The overwhelming majority of the Yeshivot today do not study Torah. They toy with it, they play with it, they even twist it. All those Yeshivot should be shut down immediately. Torah means Horaah, the rule of law. Not spinning circles until you get dizzy, but actually reading the law and knowing it. That is gone in most places. That is why our society is so screwed up. Without law and order we cannot survive. Law has taken a back seat, way back.
Know when to be tolerant and when not to.

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