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Author:  caring father
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Date:  1/22/2005 12:05:00 PM
Subject:  hair style
Message:  my son likes to brush his hair back sometimes even with a little jel. hes 10yrs old. his rebbi every morning with his hands messes up his hair. he even called me and said this is for bums and therefore unexceptable. now please direct me. my son is a very stubborn kid. what do i do, or say and to who? thank you for your time.
Reply:  You need to take yourself, wife and hopefully your son (1 day) to the pros and find out why he is acting out this way. It is one of the hardest things that parents have to do even thought it is below our dignity. Do it now before it is too late. Please do not listen to the latest "raid" on how to deal with this. It is impossible for any parent to help himself out of this sort of situation, without outside help. Of course you can wait till it gets out of hand and he challenges the Rebbi and gets kicked out and gets kicked out and gets kicked out and ....... You know the rest of the story.
His Rebbi is probably from the old school of thought and probably thinks he's helping things by messing his hair up. He is guaranteeing that your son will continue to do it.
"this is for bums and therefore unexceptable" DUH and what did he have to offer besides a derogatory name?
Hashem Yirachem - I wish you a lot of Siyata D'shmaya and Hatzlacha! Rememeber, always love your child no matter what. (Love, does not mean, do what you want kid just stay outa my hair, it means Love him/her!)

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